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His marriage was over, he knew it. The problem was he refused to accept it. His wife Lizzy had made it clear last week after he stomped into her office accusing her of being in an affair with her ex and blaming him for their marital woes. She was tired of his obsession with this particular ex, tired of dealing with his insecurities and accusations, and every other problem that came with having him as a husband. She was done. While he was still ‘blabbing’, she ordered him to leave her office, her voice so low she could barely hear herself. “Get out!” She yelled, louder this time. He paused, startled, walked up to her so they were barely inches apart, but she didn’t flinch. She looked him dead in the eye. Finally he shook his head then turned to leave slamming the door behind him. He knew that this time she didn’t just want him out of her office but out of her life, and one way or the other he was going to have to accept it.
Few days later, after a meeting at work, he stopped at a bar. He wanted to be away from everyone but also didn’t want to be alone.


She stood by the window watching in terror as the door opened slowly; he was back again for her and there was nowhere to run. She folded her hands by her side, looking around for a way to escape or hide, but there was no hiding spot and the only way out was through the door.

Flash fiction

Throughout the journey, all he could think of was her beautiful face, and now he was few steps away from seeing it.